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I don’t know if I could EVER convey the depth of how mind-blowing it is that you just told MY STORY, verbatim in some parts. And the best part? Where God has been leading you over the last two years, as I’ve shared, has been chipping away at me and resonating inside me. Like an echo in a cave that shakes the stalactites. A tool. And five days ago the damn broke, Mount Vesuvius erupted, and the stalactites fell. And. He. RAN. To. Me.

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Sparks ! This read lit my heart ! I cannot even come close to relaying the "realness" of the unexpected while watching your movie. I am not alone. I know God, while deeply in my life, knew the timing of walking me through this suppressed journey of PTSD.

Thank you & 🙏🏽

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Thank you Ryan.

I'm praying God will help me be more loyal and committed. I am trying my hardest to be loyal to God and to people in my life. But it's so hard. I honor your vulnerability. Thank you for being in my life.


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