I love Brene Brown”s work. I read her work before I became a Christian. Hell, I read many self-help books before surrendering myself to the love of God.

I just read the final installment of Brown’s series (The Gifts of Imperfection, Daring Greatly, and finally, Rising Strong: The Reckoning).

I’m in the reckoning right now. I’m being vulnerable to God and others. And right now, I don’t feel as heavy. There is a giant weight lifted from my mind and heart. There’s still pain, but I pray everyday I can make it to the next without spiraling into a mental tornado.

When we work on ourselves first, I think our capacity to be there for others increases dramatically.

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I have been experiencing the profound effect of living openly, and it gives lie to all my shame would tell me. There has been mercy, resonance in others at feeling the same way, and FREEDOM. Freedom to be broken, knowing it allows God to be big in my stead. Freedom to be known and in turn really know others. ♥️

What an upside down kingdom. And thank GOD for it.

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