That last point, though 😩 so hard. I haven't been practicing silence for very long, but one of the times I just started crying. There was no apparent reason, no thought process, no memory or image. Just tears. (I mean, not surprising if you know me, but usually I do have a reason for crying most of the time!) I felt God welcoming it and drawing the tears out as I sat and wept. It was uncomfortable, but immensely relieving afterward. I'm getting more comfortable with my tears, but it's the anger and irritability that is extremely uncomfortable for me to welcome...

As far as future topics... I'd like to hear more about prayer! The different types of prayer, the importance and implications, why does it feel like it doesn't matter a lot of the time, and maybe even pre-written prayers vs. spontaneous prayers if you feel like getting into that.

Thanks again for sharing your heart and your gifts with us. I always enjoy hearing (or reading) from you.

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