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The Lighthouse is a 'weekly-ish' newsletter all about designing life for a deeper relationship with God.

Sadly, most people of faith have settled for what I call "God at a distance." We often find ourselves merely reading an old Book without truly experiencing the God it describes. We speak prayers into the void but hear nothing in response. Our Sundays are filled with sermons and songs, yet we walk away unchanged and uncertain if any of it is even true. In essence, we resign ourselves to accepting this as life with God: an old Book, one-sided prayers, endless church services.

Deep within our souls, we recognize that there is more. The good news is that the longing within us is confirmed by that very same old Book. God desires for us to experience Him through the pages of Scripture. He longs to engage in conversations with us about the deepest aspects of our lives. He yearns to shape us in His image and to establish a profound, healing relationship with each of us, including you.

In the midst of all this, The Lighthouse seeks to address two problems:

Problem #1: Most of us have been conditioned to think that a relationship with God should just happen. However, like all relationships, it must be built with intention, time, and openness.

Problem #2: Most of us haven't been taught how to design our lives for this relationship. Even if we accept the premise that a relationship with God must be built, we often don't know how.

The Lighthouse is designed to solve these problems and help you design your life for a deeper relationship with God.

So why listen to me?

In short, I've been where you are. Despite spending my life in church, studying the Bible and theology, publishing a book on sermon preparation, planting two churches, and pastoring for over 20 years, I didn't realize how to open myself to a genuine relationship with God until my late 30s.

I acquired a wealth of knowledge about Him and learned to serve Him, but I didn't truly learn to relate with Him. This sobering realization sparked a spiritual awakening, leading me to four years of therapy and working with a spiritual director. Subsequently, I invested two years in training for spiritual formation and spiritual direction. With the guidance of patient and gentle guides, I completely overhauled my spiritual practices, learning to open myself to the relationship I longed for.

Now, I want to help you do the same.

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I help people design their lives for deeper relationship with God. I pastor @FormationSLC in Salt Lake City, UT. I wrote "8 Hours, or Less: Writing faithful sermons faster." I also host the Modern Monastics podcast.