There is no intimacy apart from vulnerability. Vulnerability is the decision to disclose my true thoughts, emotions and intentions despite fear of…
Shame drives us to hide. God’s intent is to draw us, rather than drive us out of hiding.

February 2023

Shame is the single greatest barrier blocking our experience of intimacy with God and others. Shame drives hiding and hiding hinders relationship.
We can’t dismantle what we don’t understand. We’ve learned to build barriers that block our ability to feel, now we have to understand how in order to…
Most of us in life learn various ways to build barriers that block out emotions we find difficult, disruptive, or overwhelming to experience. The…
What if the answer to your ache for deeper intimacy with God, isn't just getting more of God, but giving God more of you?

January 2023

How long is too long?Hey all, I’m considering a series of longer posts about cultivating intimacy with God. Here’s my question: Will you read/listen to an article th…
Every given moment is jam-packed with reasons to choose joy.
God’s daily displays of goodness are so normative, we often fail to notice them.
We're conditioned to prioritize quantity of reading, over quality. Maybe we're being invited to spend more time with less Scripture.
The human should is like a sponge for bad news. It doesn't just happen. It has to be cultivated.
How do we become a people of joy in this new year?